Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Information

Annual Sponsorship Fees
January 1 – December 31
                  Gold Sponsor     –         $2200.00
                  Silver Sponsor   –          $1100.00
                  Bronze Sponsor –           $550.00
All fees GST free

Valued: Respect Cooperation, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity,Collaboration
Company contacts with logo in the Turf Grass Times magazine  Trade Directory.YesYesYes
Two free Advertisements or less its equivalent value towards upsized advertising within the Turf Grass Times magazine per year.
Quarter page sized advertisement (184mm wide x 75mm high) nominal value of $120.00Half page sized advertisement (184mm wide x 119mm high) nominal value of $240.00Full page sized advertisement (184mm wide x 271mm high) nominal value of $360.00
Corporate presentation at major STA (WA) functionsYesYesYes
Corporate STA (WA) memberships for (_) company employees (staff).2 staff3 staff4 staff
Free annual subscription to the Turf Grass Times Magazine2 copies3 copies4 copies
Discounted attendance for (_) staff to Turf Seminars, including any STA (WA) coordinated Workshops, Turf Tours and Field Days throughout the year.2 staff3 staff4 staff
Free attendance for (_) staff to catered Annual General Meeting and Presidents Breakfast.2 staff3 staff4 staff
Free attendance for (_) staff to catered end of year STA (WA) Social Day2 staff3 staff4 staff
Full voting rights and eligibility for committee for all members.2 staff3 staff4 staff
Liaise with the STA (WA) Executive Committee to develop strategies for the development of the Turf Grass Industry in Western Australia.YesYesYes
Sponsors may distribute promotional literature at all STA (WA) functions and activities and where space is available erect a visual display.YesYesYes
Sponsors may advertise their company and have corporate links on the STA (WA) Website www.sportsturfwa.asn.au

Sponsorship Information

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Payment details

CHEQUE Please makes cheques payable to: Sports Turf Association (WA) Inc.
EFT Account Name: Sports Turf Association
WA Incorporated
BSB: 036-041 Acc: 27-8935

Other Payment Options: For Credit Card Payment please click the box below and an invoice will be generated payble by credit card.

Sports Turf Association (WA) Inc | PO Box 8492 | PERTH BC WA 6849
Email: info@sportsturfwa.asn.au ABN 2585 3064 090