Green Space Alliance

In 2014 a group of Western Australian amenity horticulture industry groups and aligned organisations formed the Green Space Alliance (GSA). Prior to the formation of the GSA, Western Australian Government Ministers and their Departments would interact with a number of individual groups on industry matters. The GSA recognised that a coordinated voice would provide the means for efficient and clear communication and so came together to develop a shared position on issues impacting industry and the community more broadly.
In Western Australia, green space is supported by a strong, dynamic amenity horticulture industry which provides jobs for an estimated 12,000 people and an annual turn-over of $1.7 billion (WA Turf Industry, 2012).

The GSA defines green space as all vegetated areas (vegetation inclusive of trees, shrubs, flowers and turf) on public and private land, including:

The GSA wishes to emphasise that quality green space is well-designed, well-constructed and well maintained.
The GSA will lead and coordinate industry communications and advocacy efforts to promote better policy outcomes for Perth and will provide the following services on behalf of Perth’s green space industry:

The GSA is a keen supporter of the 202020 Vision initiative and the GSA’s supporting organisations include members of the 202020 Vision network. GSA Vision Statement. “To live in a community that values green spaces at its core, which deliver benefits to everyone through improved health, wellbeing and liveability by using innovative water and urban planning solutions”   The Green Space Alliance has identified a set of priority principles to support the creation and management of green space in Perth. The Green Space Alliance believes Western Australian Government policy should:
  1. Improve the health, wellbeing and liveability of the community and Perth.
  2. Prioritise water resources, improve water management practices and support ongoing research and demonstration of innovation to sustain quality green space.
  3. Place greater prominence on green space in the planning process and prioritise the creation of sufficient, quality designed public and private open space.
  4. Recognise Perth’s unique green space and enhance biodiversity protection and management practices.
  5. Acknowledge the value of the economic benefits green space generates for Western Australia and ensure appropriate resourcing and funding.
  6. Promote ground-up engagement and communication across the community, industry and government to increase end-user involvement, and support social equity outcomes.
The interlinked nature of these principles provides opportunities for coordinated policy responses which break-down the existing policy silo’s and promote integrated action by government. Engaging key stakeholders across government, industry and the community will be essential for successful policy outcomes.
GSA Member Organisations GSA Observing Organisations
City of Belmont Urban Development Institute of Australia WA
Nursery & Garden Industry Association WA Horticulture Media Association Australia WA
Landscape Industries Association WA Water Corporation of Western Australia
Tree Guild WA The Department of Water
Turf Growers Association WA The Department of Sport and Recreation
Sports Turf Association (WA)
Parks & Leisure WA 
Australian Institute of Horticulture
Australian Institute of Landscape Architects
Grey Water Industry Group

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