Code of Ethics

The STA (WA) supports the principle of equal opportunity as defined as the adoption of practices and procedures that ensure all people are treated equally. The STA (WA) opposes discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, marital status, family responsibility, impairment, pregnancy, age, sexual preference, religious or political conviction. The STA (WA) encourages an awareness of the existence of sexual, racial and other forms of harassment and the need for its eradication.

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All members of the Sports Turf Association (WA) Inc. accept and fully agree to abide by this code and pledge themselves:

  • To recognise and discharge all responsibilities and duties to the best of their ability and knowledge.
  • To practise sound business and turf management principles.
  • To expand their professional knowledge at every practical opportunity which will in turn improve both themselves and their profession.
  • To maintain the highest standards of personal and professional conduct to reflect credit and add to the stature of the Association, and the profession of Turf Management.
  • To offer endorsements of any kind only when completely satisfied with the integrity and usefulness of the product or service.
  • To not exploit their affiliation with the Association in connection with any endorsement.
  • To recognise and observe the highest standard of integrity in their relationship with fellow members of the turf industry.
  • To accept an obligation to assist and support their fellow members as far as
  • practicable against engaging in conduct unbecoming of a member or prejudicial to the interests of the Association.
  • To assist their fellow turf managers consistent with their abilities, only when called upon to do so.
  • To support and actively participate in the efforts of the STA (WA).
  • To improve the public’s understanding and recognition of the profession of Turf Management
  • To abstain from any exploitation of their Association, Industry or Profession.
  • To report to the STA (WA) committee any wilful violation of this code of ethics


Download a copy of the STA(WA) Constitution.