Aims & Objectives

Constitutionally Adopted Aims and Objectives of the Sports Turf Association

1. To provide a forum for all with an interest in turf grass; specially to:

a) Promote friendship and solidarity between those involved in the turf grass industry

b) Disseminate current and new knowledge of technology.

c) Discuss and solve problems in turf grass technology.

2. To promote knowledge, understanding and awareness of the importance of the turf grass industry.

3. To promote education and research for those engaged in the turf grass industry.

4. To promote a wider and better usage of turf grass nationally.

5. To promote Awareness of national and international career opportunities in turf.

6. To liaise with other associations in turf.

7. To elevate personal and corporate status of the individuals engaged in the turf industry, and the turf industry itself, as a highly technical and significant employer of people.

8. To lobby where necessary for appropriate legislation affecting the needs of the turf grass industry.

9. To promote awareness of health and safety issues faced by workers in the industry, and to pursue means of introducing safeguards.

10. To stage and assist in the promotion and arrangement of national and regional seminars and field days within the turf industry.

11. To encourage and promote equal opportunity within the industry.

12. To promote awareness of the environmental benefits of turf.